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coaching digital marketing seo Nov 21, 2020

Online one-on-one coaching is available for SEO's of any experience level. Included in the coaching package are: access to our online coaching portal, one-on-one live Zoom meetings, and membership in our private SEO community.  Each of the following coaching tracks is customized to each individual's needs:

  • Zero to Novice
  • Apprentice 
  • Journeyman
  • Master

Our SEO Coaching is customized to the knowledge and experience level of the person being coached. We do not offer training, but coaching. The difference is that training is a one-size-fits-all approach that focuses on imparting knowledge that you may or may not need. Our coach approach to SEO development is built around you and your goals.

We provide assessments to help you to determine your starting point, your desired outcomes, your action steps and your needed resources. Coaching is relational and personal. It is all about helping you to achieve your goals.  It is more of a "how to fish" approach. 

In other words, we don't spoon-feed you or overload you with a bunch of information and expect you to figure out how to apply it. We actually walk with you through real-world situations where you work to optimize either your own website or a client's website and see actual results. 

We also help you to discover the most appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for SEO success that will help you to gain a competitive edge. To find out more about the SEO coaching options available to you, visit

Mark Weible has been coaching business and non-profit leaders for over 24 years. He is the author of Fishing On The Other Side: A Guide to Being the Church in the Digital Age. Mark led the Orlando Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group in Central Florida for 12 years. This was an open community of Search Engine Optimizers with multiple levels of experience that came together monthly for mutual learning and peer discussion around SEO and Digital Marketing topics. 


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